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Vera Got a New Bag!?!

You heard that right! Your girl is in her bag in 2019. *cues Cardi’s line “Whatever you do sis, keep it cute sis!” Any who, I decided not to invest in a Chanel, Gucci or Birkin Bag. My closet is already full of those. I’m kidding! But I did opt for a functional and cute camera bag for when I’m out working at a session or traveling.

Before purchasing this bag, I was just carrying my camera gear in an old Ikea bag. Usually, my mottos is, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!” But I knew if I was going to take this new career venture seriously, and wanted others to do the same, that I would need something a bit more polished in appearance and also something that would effectively protect my expensive gear.

So, What’s Inside the Bag Sis?

I know you didn’t come to this post to solely see what my bag looks like. I mean, if you did, that’s great too! Tell me in the comments about how much you like (or hate) it. Let’s take a good dig inside of what I like to carry with me on a basic shoot or when I am traveling and want to keep it a little lighter.

Camera Body:

  1. Canon Rebel T6i

The Canon T6i was the first camera I purchased was a back in 2015. Trying and failing at creating content on youtube was something I did for a year or so, using my iPhone and a cheap little camera someone returned at best buy. I wasn’t the best but I made due with what I had. I have since upgraded to a new Sony camera, but this one still works like a charm and is near to my heart.

2. Canon G7xII

So, I’ve been doing a lot better with my vlogging and video content and decided to beef up my quality. Im really glad I did this because not only can I get great “on the go” video with this camera, but it also takes some pretty great photos. It doesn’t take up much space in my camera bag, which is also a plus and makes is easy to travel with!

Also, did you know you can charge this camera via the usb plug? That’s right! This saves me so much space when I don’t like carrying around an extra charger or batteries.


I actually only have 4 lenses to use with my camera. I also happen to carry 3 out of the 4 with me at all. They are all prim lenses, meaning they do not zoom and have a fixed focal length. I prefer my prime lenses over zoom lenses because they help me get sharper images, come with a lower F stop, and are pretty affordable.

  1. The Nifty Fifty” Canon’s ES 50mm 1.8 STM

This was the first upgraded lens that I purchased for my kit. It only cost me $125 on amazon. I really enjoyed the low aperture on this lens and the decent bokeh (blurry background) that is offered in my pictures. I also like the sharp focus and how well it helped me fill in my frame with the subject.

This lens was given the name “Nifty Fifty” because it is a pretty standard lens that can me used for basic photography and will always come in hand.

2. Sigma 30mm F1.4 Art DC HSM Lens for Canon

After realizing my 50mm lens was not wide enough for me to shoot in tight spaces or film at home, I knew I needed to acquire another lens. I also new I wanted it to be a prime lens versus a zoom one due to how efficient they are. It was very affordable, gives that large aperture and performs well in low light. Another plus about this particular lens as that it is made specifically for a crop sensor camera body. I fill discuss what this means later in the post.

Any who, this lens grew to be my favorite lens! It is on my camera body more than any other lens and you can guarantee it will be in my camera bag.

Can you tell I kinda have a thing for prime lenses?

3. Canon – EF 85mm f/1.8 USM Medium Telephoto Lens

So, I know you are going to notice TWO themes here. I love primes lenses and I keep saying every lens is my favorite. The thing is, its true! Every lens has is strong points and is used for a specific reason.

When I first purchased the 85mm lens, I was a little reluctant due to the focal length on my crop sensor frame (which means it similar to a 135mm when it comes to focal length). But when I noticed the difference compression I got using this lens, I actually liked it. This is a medium telephoto lens, it stacks up the background. This helps get smooth bokeh and makes your subject. Here, here and here you can find a few youtube videos about compression and how they can work for or against you.

*One thing to note is that my camera is an asp-c crop sensor. Meaning that a 50mm lens will give a focal length similar to a 85mm lens. I did not know this at the time of purchasing my lens, but them moment I went to record a youtube video and realized I didn’t have enough space in my office due to this crop factor, I learned.

Other Filming Gear

  1. Go Pro Hero 4 Session
  2. Mavic Air Pro


  1. Lacie 4TB Hard Drive
  2. Sandisk SD Card
  3. SD Card Holder
  4. Extra Batteries for T6i
  5. Batteries and Charger for Sony a7iii
  6. Lens Cleansing Wipes
  7. Extra USB Cords
  8. Headphones
  9. Camera Grip
  10. Justin Power Bank
  11. K C Concept Tripod
  12. Canon Speedlite 430 EX ii

See What’s in My Bag Here!


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