The City That Never Sleeps: NYC Travel Diary Day 3

*Pic look familiar? It’s from Day 2 of our NYC Travel Diary. Check it out here is you missed it!

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Brooklyn Bridge // DUMBO // Morning Star Restaurant // Rockefeller Building // Chrysler Building // Flat Iron Building// Chelsea Market // NYC Highline // Empire State Building // World Trade Center // China Town // Manhattan Bridge //

Well, New York is definitely the city that NEVER sleeps! The phrase tells no lies. We had so much fun yesterday and didn’t much sleep the night before. We were so tired that we stayed in most of the day on Sunday, which was actually our 3rd anniversary. After sleeping in until almost 2pm, we decided to hit the streets and head out to see the Brooklyn Bridge.

Welcome to Brooklyn: How Sweet it is!

We made our way over the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time! I’m usually scared of bridges going over large bodies of water. I cannot swim to save my life, so Im always eager to get to the other side.

Once we reached Brooklyn Bridge Park, we stopped by this cute little Lemonade stand and got a cool drink. After all, we did walk all the way from Manhattan. Crazy, right? It’s ok, I could spare a few pounds anyway. But, if you aren’t interested in walking, you could always catch a ride on the train or get a ride share.

I didn’t really come with my prepared to go jet skiing and actually wasn’t all that interested in getting on the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. If you can get out early enough, unlike Chris and myself, I’d suggest doing both or one of these activities while you’re in the area.

Looking for something to eat? There are also some really nice restaurants, like the famous Grimaldi’S Pizza, and places to grab snacks in the area. There is a full list of fun places to visit and dine included in my NYC Travel Itinerary. Sign up to get yours HERE. It’s Free!

Top: H&M
view of skyline from brooklyn bridge


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