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SheIn: Is it Worth Your Coins? | My First Order Experience

She In Sweater

So, You want to Order Clothes from SheIn?

You’ve seen the ads on facebook, reviews on Youtube and cute pieces on your instagram advertising a deal for only $10. I’d see them often when I’m on my phone but  just entirely too scared to take the plunge. I wont lie. I would get slightly tempted, go to the site and even add things to my cart but I NEVER hit “check out”…until last week. Thats right! Ya girl FINALLY took a leap of faith and made my first purchase from SheIn.

The Site

Using the site wasn’t hard to do at all. The menu has lots of categories that make it easy to navigate and search for things you’re interested in. While I was searching the menu, I stumbled across some super cute kids clothings that I want to shop for the winter. I also love that they will advertise their sales and promo codes in the top banner. So don’t worry about searching on retailmenot for a decent code LOL. In addition to that, You get 15% off of your first order when you sign up with your email. When you pay, you’ll have the option to use a credit or debit card or pay pal if you prefer that.

But, When will I get my stuff?

After you reach a certain amount in your cart, you are eligible for free express shipping. Other than that, standard shipping is roughly $5.00 for 6-8 business days. Shipping is something that is a VERY BIG DEAL to me. I am kind of an instant gratification type of gal. So, I tend to shy away from online shopping but, lets be real. SheIn has some major sales that most definitely piqued my interest. I hear a lot of iffy reviews about shipping form companies like SheIn, Boo Hoo, or any other Chinese based company.

I placed my order on October 4th and received my tracking information the next day.  When I checked my shipment, it was scheduled to be delivered to my home the following Wednesday. To my surprise, it came one day earlier!

TIP: It is still important to note that when you are ordering internationally to take the shipping time into consideration. I was fortunate enough to not need my items right away, so I wasn’t in a hurry. Also keep in mind that most shipping estimates DO NOT include payment and processing times.



Sis, How did everything fit?

This question gets asked A LOT! How does it fit? Is it too big or small? Does the materiel feel cheap or flimsy? This question is a little hard to answer if you don’t have the item in hand. Luckily, when ordering, SheIn does try to assist with determining the proper size you may need to purchase. They have the typical company size chart but, I really like the added feature they have where you can put in your height and weight and it will spit out a size for you.

I also like the “poll” feature they have where reviewers can leave a response to how large or small the item fits and the answers are populated at the top of the review section. This helps you gauge whether you need to size up or down, or if you should order your normal size. A lot of the customers that leave reviews enter their measurements which is also a nice tip for other shoppers to go off of.

In terms of material, I like the way most of the items fit. I did have one pair of pants that felt very flimsy and poorly made, however. I also noticed on a few of my sweaters that the hems seemed to just be “cut off.” Out of everything I purchased, the tops were very nice. They were made with good quality material and looked really cute.

The biggest piece of advice I could offer is to be very cautious when ordering bottoms. Most of the tops were really pleasing and exactly what I expected.

I don’t like it. It’s Gotta Go Back!

Am I the only person that feels like returning items is a headache? In some cases, its just not cost effective to return some items depending on who has to cover the shipping fees. For this reason, it is important to know return policies before you purchase. With SheIn, you can return your first package at no charge within 60 days. After your first return, they will charge you $7.99 per package. That’s a little pointless when your items only cost $12.00. So, you might be better off exchanging the item or just sticking to ordering things you know may fit, like shirts. I stay away from bottoms at all costs lol.


The Final Verdict

All in all, I am happy with my order from She In. This was my first experience testing the waters with this company to see what would work for me. I do not think I will order any more pants from them but I will definitely continue to order sweaters and other cute tops that are on sale.

Let me know if you’ve ever purchased from them and what your experience was like. I’d love to hear about it! As always, I hope this post helps you in some way ,shape or form. If it did and you think some of your friends might find it useful too, please share it with the, and in your social media. Sharing the love is always appreciated!




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