November 2018 Goals

*this post was inspired by the quote “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”-Vincent van Gogh

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Happy November everyone!  I remember when I first started blogging and I stumbled across a few posts that other bloggers were sharing about their monthly goals and aspirations. I was intrigued by the idea of documenting your goals, success stories, what  you need to work on in such an open space. So, I started going it also. It was actually nice; seeing your goals written down and not just in your head. I feel like there’s some sort of accountability by sharing these target goals with your blog family. Well, I fell off with posting my monthly goals but would like to start back up. So, I want to share November goals with you guys.

I always took the term “turning a new leaf” literally, especially during the fall for some reason. It must have something to do with the seasons changing and the leaves falling and turning colors as well. It’s also a good time to get yourself in gear to start a new year. That being said, lets dive in!

1. Consistency november goals post

This is one of the most important things November goals I’d like to work on. I want to start something, and continue doing it. I tend to be a little scatter brained, so its normal for me to start doing something but after some time, I fall out of the habit I’m trying to form or the task I’m trying to do. Anyone else working towards being more consistent or is it just me?

2. Reading More

I use the bible app on my phone to keep myself rooted in the Word. I read the daily scripture and different plans that relate to things going on in my life. It’s really nice that the app I use  has a “streak” feature that show how many days in a row  you’ve logged in and read your bible. As a Christian, it is important to me to read scripture daily to learn and grow spiritually. I’m aiming to keep up my streak for the rest of the month!

Also, at the beginning of 2018, I mentioned that I would like to read one book a month. That was a really hard goal for me to maintain with my other daily tasks. I finally broke down last month, downloaded audible and I couldn’t be any more pleased. I’ve already finished two books and I’m hoping that for the month of November I can keep up my quota and read at least one book.

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with black jacket3. Hitting the Gym

To know me, is to know my love for fitness. But, the current theme for my life is, “I have no time!” After reading ,”You’re a Badass” I do understand that this can’t really be an excuse…if going to the gym is something I want to do consistently. It was a lot easier for me to be a #gymrat when I wasn’t in school or working. Heck, sometimes I’d go  multiple times in one day. But, I have to be realistic with what my schedule consists of and have set a goal to hit the gym once a week for now. While I’d like to go more, I need to gradually work up to adding extra work out sessions into my schedule after I effectively accommodate going once weekly.

4. Blogging Better

Since I lost all of my posts from last year (see why here) I feel like I’m turning a new leaf with my blog also. I didn’t really have a set schedule on when to post but would just do so when I could. One of my November goals is to publish one blog post a week, on Wednesday’s to be more specific. Ideally, I would like to post twice per week…but remember how we discussed being realistic without goals? So, yea. I am going to treat this goal the same as my workout goal and aim for once a week.

We (talking to myself here) have to remember that we are human. We have to exercise our discipline and consistency just as we would any other muscle in our body. Start off small with your  goals and once you can handle those with no problem, add bigger ones…just as you would when you’re lifting weights or increasing the incline on the treadmill at the gym.

jumpsuit duo

5. Dress the Part

As many of you know, I am in cosmetology school. I love styling, cutting and coloring hair. I also love making wigs and doing makeup. So, If I want to be successful, get clients and showcase my talents, I have to dress the part. One day, when a salon came in to my school and answered questions and gave advice, one thing that really stuck with me was the owner telling us to “play the part.” Naturally, what she said was correct.

The very next day I came to school with my blonde hair curled to perfection and my cut crease eyeshadow beat to the makeup gawds. It’s funny that people kept complementing my look and asking who did my makeup. In my head I was thinking, “They don’t know I do makeup?” But how could they if I wasn’t looking like I do makeup? *insert face-to-palm emoji* So, for a part of my November goals is to alway dress the part when I’m out and about…and maybe pass out a few cards to promote my work  too!

with black jacket

jumpsuit | jacket (similar) | shoes (similar)

So, theres my list of goals for November that I am putting out here for my blog family and the universe. I know there are only five of them but this is major to me and remember…start off small. “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.”

I hope that me sharing my goals with you all inspires you to continue to work on yours as well. Lets fight the good fight together! I also hope that this post in a gentle reminder to go easy on yourself and take things slowly. Its better to move at a slow but steady pace and make you’re dreams come true versus overwhelming yourself with too much and giving up.

On to My Outfit!

I purchased the floral jumpsuit from Target. The color was what initially attracted me to it, since I love green AND it’s a trending fall color. Floral print is also something I adore, so it was definitely a WIN-WIN for me. I paired it with some black, lace up, ankle booties and my black, denim jacket since it was a bit windy one this particular day. I love how loose fitting the jumpsuit is. The belt hugs in your waist to make you appear a bit slimmer, which was something I appreciated. LOL. Even without the heels, the jumpsuit was still the perfect length, so that was also a plus. You can shop the look below. Otherwise, GO MAKE YOUR DREAMS HAPPEN!

Shop the Look:




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