Non Toy Gift Ideas that Kids and Parents Will Love

We are truly thankful for Midwest BankCentre for sponsoring todays post!

As many of you all know, I am a mother of 4 busy little angels. Our home is always overflowing with toys, games, books and any other tangible items you can think of to entertain kids these days. Whenever Christmas comes around, we get the famous question, “What do the kids want for Christmas?” This is when the walls used to slowly begin to cave in on me. We are so blessed to have a strong support system that showers our kids with gifts. The thing is, we don’t need another Lego, tablet, diy jewelry set or anything else in the house. For the past few years we have opted for more meaningful gifts that are not toys and games. This is why we’re so excited to partner with Midwest BankCentre to share a list of non toy gift ideas with you.

The Gift that keeps on Giving

For my Saint Louis readers, Midwest BankCentre is the 2nd largest privately-owned bank in the area. I love their purpose-driven efforts to give back to the people in our community. This year they are focused on giving back to our youth in a major way with their Youth Savings Account. During November and December, you can open a savings account for children 17 and under with just $5 to start! Your child will get 5% Annual Percentage Yield Return up to the first $1,000 deposit. There are no monthly fees AND it comes with the cutest piggy bank!

I like the idea of giving my child something that can grow with them. This also helps them learn valuable lessons about money that they will be able to use in the future. I remember when I was younger, I loved going to the bank with my dad to put money into my account. I look forward to my kids having the same experience with me! Check it out here for yourself.

Gift them a Great Experience

Speaking of experiences, they make a perfect option for a non toy gift as well. Do your kids enjoy professional or even college level sports? You can even gift them classes or lessons for a sport or activity that they love to play. Maybe there is some resort or attraction they have been begging you to go to. They can put money in their savings account to buy things on their fun trip! Here are a few ideas to get the wheels spinning for you:

Destination Trips

The best non toy gift a child could ask for, maybe. Trips are always fun! You get time away from the hustle and bustle to really enjoy each other’s company. A fun way to gift a destination trip- wrapping up the tickets or brochures and giving them as a hint!

  • Disneyland or Disney World
  • Road Trips
  • Camping at a National Park
  • Weekend getaways

Local Events

If you don’t have the time or funds to escape your city, don’t worry! There are plenty of things to do in your own town if you do enough searching. A trip to a local attraction or event is a great gift and allows kids to appreciate their home town.

  • Holiday Shows- Anheuser-Busch St. Louis Brewery– (They have a kids zone!), The Fox Theatre, the Zoo, and Botanical Garden
  • Sports Games- The St. Louis Blues. The KC Chiefs would make a fun trip too! NBA All Star Game will be in Chicago!
  • Tickets to a movie or live show. Disney Jr Holiday Party is coming to St Louis!

Monthly Subscriptions + Memberships

Memberships are another great non toy gift that will continue to give! If you have a child that loves to explore, read or is constantly looking for activities, a membership is a great option.


Do you have a chef or future artist on your hands? If your child loves learning new activities or sports, they would have a blast going to a class!

  • Michaels offers a huge selection of arts and crafts classes for those future creators
  • Dierbergs (and even Eckerts’s Farm) has classes year round and also holiday themed events that kids can both learn and have fun
  • Dance Lessons
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Karate Classes

Even More Creative Non Toy Gift Ideas!

  • Date Night or Special outings
  • Gift Card or Certificate for games and other activities
  • Books
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Science Experiment Box

What do you guys plan on gifting your children for Christmas this year? We will definitely be gifting a savings account to our little ones and are very interested in taking the boys to see the NBA game.

If you are looking for other fun and creative gifts for other family or friends, be sure to sign up for my newsletter. I will be sharing all the goodies you could think of!


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