A New York Minute: NYC Travel Diary Day 1

*Hello there! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy a little glimpse into our New York Travel experience! I will apologize in advance for the lack of quality in these photos. BUT they are our raw experience here. It was our first day and we were still very shell shocked lol. We didn’t even bring our camera with us on our first adventure.

Hudson Hotel NYC // 99C Pizza // Sephora // Time Square

Making Our Way to the Hotel

So, We headed to the airport around 5:30 am to get all checked in and ready for our flight. Fast forward to a few hours later and here we are, ready for our New York experience!

We were staying at the Hudson NYC Hotel, close to Central park. After our flight, we took an Uber from La Guardia airport that dropped us off at Columbus Circle. I was slightly annoyed that it didn’t drop us off at our hotel and we had to walk quite a way with all of our luggage- in an unfamiliar city. *first world problems. Right?

Hudson Hotel Lobby 10019, 356 W 58th St, New York, 10019

It took us a new york minute (see what I did there? lol) to navigate through the area and find the entrance to the hotel. There were people everywhere! This definitely wasn’t like things back home in St. Louis. I mean, I’d never seen so many taxis in my life!

Image Source: Booking.com

The hotel was really nice, on the outside. Once we made our way up the escalator and into the lobby, it looked even better. The beautiful landscape, outdoor seating, and library bar were the main reasons we book this hotel. Unfortunately, the garden area outside was under construction and we did not get to enjoy it. Sad. Yes, I know!

Honestly, we didn’t do much our first night there because we were so tired and jet lagged. Before we could do anything else, we got settled into our room, took a nap and did not wake up until 7-8pm EST.

Fine Dining, Like a True New Yorker

1723 Broadway, New York, NY 10019

Once we finally woke up, all we wanted to do was find something quick to eat. Anyone doing a New York Travel experience will not fall short on places to dine. We went for this little whole in the wall pizza place around the corner from our hotel to enjoy a few slices of authentic NYC style pizza. IT WAS DELICIOUS!

A group of guys walking buy asking, “How many starts does this place have?” One looks it up and says, ” Well it must be good because it has 4.5 stars!”

Yes, this place looks like a whole in the wall. No, there is not seating for you to take a break and really enjoy your pizza. The lines are long. The employees aren’t exactly mean, but they aren’t walking around saying, ” My Pleasure” as if you were at your favorite Chic Fil A. But the pizza is cheap and tasty and that’s all that mattered to me!

…Just Follow the Lights!

After that, while we were walking around the block, I noticed one particular street that what full of lights. I immediately grasped Chris’ hand and said, ” Let’s go this way, babe!”

I didn’t have even the slightest idea as to where we were going, but I was like a toddler in a store excited by all of the lights and sounds. We came across the biggest Sephora I’ve ever seen before. It had a freaking elevator guys! Talk about being in heaven. I was legit on cloud 9.

Sephora in Time Square NYC

Little did I know, we were right in the heart of it all- Time Square. We hung out around Time Square for a little while. I was people watching while Chris was gazing at all of the food stands on the corners. Forget the bit fat three store McDonald’s, he had his eye on the lamb rice and an ice cream cone lol.

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We didn’t too do much, as you can see. I didn’t many good pictures for you guys. My bad. I was just tired, excited, happy, curious, and just trying to wrap my head about being in the Big Apple.

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Check Back on Friday for Day 2!

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