New Year New Me: 2019 Goals

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Happy (almost) 2019! Who’s ready to for winter to be over, the flowers to bloom, and the temps to warm up? I know I sure am. With a new year coming, however, I do like to view it as a new beginning+second chance to sort of “re-set” and establish some resolutions. I think October was the last time I shared any personal objectives with you all. So I found it fitting to recap and bring forth some 2019 goals that I’d like to achieve as well!

Weight Loss

I know. I know. How simple of me to have such a basic goal. But honestly, guys. This past year, I have really done a number on my body. If you know me, you know I have a love for fitness, eating healthy and staying in good shape. I have always been very active and had a decent figure. But since I’ve been in cosmetology school and trying to maintaining everything else going on in life, my fitness habits fell to the wayside.

Actually, I felt extremely uncomfortable while taking the pictures you see of me in this green dress, because I could noticeably tell the difference in my weight. But Vera, we are all our own worst critic. I know, guys. But the difference has really been bothering me, and I just want to get back to my old self.

At the beginning of last year I believe I weighed almost 30 pounds less that what I currently do. I’ll keep that number confidential and spare you those details LOL. So, this year I plan to work my butt off (not literally, I want to keep the butt) and lose a good 45lbs.


Some of you may know this already. But I started a hair extensions and lash line in 2016. It took me forever to really find the courage to promote and put myself out there. Once I finally got the ball rolling, I decided to go to cosmetology school in order to gain knowledge and give myself some credibility. After all , I didn’t want to just be some woman on the street selling bundles and lashes out of her trunk. I love hair, the chemistry behind it and making products as well. So I knew going to school would be a good investment for my brand.

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The only downside is this. The minute I started school, I stopped pressing on with my business. So a HUGE bullet post on my 2019 goals list it to TAKE MY BUSINESS SERIOUSLY. I need to promote myself MORE. Put myself other and really continue to press on with growing my business this year and especially once school is over for me.


I am all about the planner life! I love to use my planner and try my best to stay organized. It is easier for me to be most productive when I have my days planned out and I know what I need to do before the day even starts. The only down side is that I am not as consistent as I’d like to be with using my planner to stay efficient.

I will do good with planning out my week for maybe three weeks in a row. Then all it takes is just that one week to throw myself off track. I know that planning consistently and keeping a schedule will help my stay on top of the many tasks I have to complete. Cheers to keeping my planner full all 2019!


Well, photography is one of my 2019 goals that seem rather simple, but it harder for me to grasp. I LOVE photography and videography but last year, I just didn’t have the faith in myself to really pursue booking any clients or believed in my work as much as I should have.

Fear of being inadequate is something most people don’t talk about often. It is ok. We all have our reservations at times (we will save this topic for another post) but the more I am learning about myself, the more I am trying to step outside of my comfort zone.

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In 2019, I want to really put myself out there and book more work in photography and even videography. With that being said, I also want to post more of my work and invest in more equipment for my craft. I did not add this section in with my business goal because this venture started out as a hobby+”side hustle.” Im not sure how far it will take but, but I will roll with it until I have to either decide between cosmetology or photography. But with I am praying God see’s fit for me to do both. Only time will tell.

green shein dress

All of my 2019 Goals

Well ladies and gents, its safe to say, “it’s a wrap!” of my list of 2019 goals. I know the list was rather general and not extremely long. But these are just the highlights and MAJOR+Macro goals and things that I would like to accomplish. I will continue to keep you all posted on my journey and definitely appreciate all of the support and encouragement I have been receiving on all social media platforms.

My hope is that by sharing my ambitions, failures and achievements with you all, it will somehow inspire you to go after your own goals! And also, to let you know that you are not along. Life is an uphill battle for a lot of us. The goal is to keep the faith and keep pressing forward until you are pleased with the results you see. Let me know what 2019 goals you’d like to achieve. It get’s me all excited when I hear about other people and their dreams.

Happy 2019 to all of you beautiful people!




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