Meet Me in New York: NYC Travel Diary Day 2

*If you missed Day on of your Travel Diary in New York, check it out here!

chris and vera near grand central station

DFluffy’s Cafe // Columbus Circle // Gapstow Bridge // 5th Avenue // St. Patrick’s Cathedral // Grand Central Station // Bryant Park // More Time Square

Outside sign of fluffy's cafe in new york

The next morning, we hit the streets a bit earlier than Day 1, but not too much earlier. We made it just in time for breakfast at Fluffy’s Cafe and Pizzeria on W 58th Street. OMG the pancakes! They were like something I’ve never tasted before.

They serve everything from pancakes, toast, sandwiches, pizza’s…literally anything you can think of! The owners were also very sweet. We had a wonderful time getting to know them. They even gave us a free treat to celebrate our anniversary.

gifted cookie from new york cafe

Since we were on a budget (and I want to lose weight) we walked as much as we could on this trip. After Fluffy’s, we headed off to the Columbus Circle to people watch and take in the wonderful views by the fountain.

Let the Fun in New York Begin!

It was time to head out into the Big Apple now that our food has digested. We took a stroll through Central Park and stopped to admire the beautiful Gapstow Bridge. It was so majestic! The greenery, water, and landscaping in general was a site to see.

After checking out the bridge, I’d recommend heading over to Wollman Rink or the Central Park Zoo if you have time and/or kiddos in tow. Check out my full NYC 4 Day Itinerary here!

We really wanted to visit Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum but we knew we weren’t going to have enough time because we started our day later. Instead we decided to head back towards Midtown Manhattan.

We took a tour down 5th avenue taking in Trump Tower, The Museum of Modern Art (closed until Fall) and a few other great places I mention in my NYC Itinerary! I even got do a little window shopping. I’m not broke, but still waiting on my financial blessings from the All Mighty.

Ironically enough, I did not plan this AT ALL. But speaking of the man upstairs, our little stroll lead us to a well known church in New York, St. Patricks Cathedral.

outside of st patricks cathedral in new york

We really wanted to visit the Top of the Rock while we were in the area, but the rain kept playing tricks on us. We’d decide to head back to our hotel but then the rain would stop. After locking eyes for a second thinking, “well maybe we should just go for it1” a few times we decided to skip out on the paid activities for the day and site see until the rain does hit.

Instead we went to Grand Central Station! It was in walking distance and full of beautiful architecture and shops. They have half off of their baked goods in the cafe once its later in the day so that was a PLUS!

There wasn’t exactly a lot to do there because, well, we weren’t in need of a train ride at the moment. But it was definitely an experience to have!

And there you have us, sitting in front of the side door of a tavern to sneak away from the rain. Chris can never be serious in front of the camera LOL.

Once the rain calmed down enough, we hit the streets once again. The next thing you know, we found ourselves on a bench in Bryant Park taking in the scenery once again. Guy, I cannot explain to you how nice that moment was.

Maybe it was just the fact that we were in a new city and had time away from the kiddos? Could it be what we were falling for the hype that everyone hears about New York? Or, the energy from everyone around us doing so many different things at one? I don’t know but it was borderline addicting.

All of the excitement wore us out for the day. Since we already committed to walking for the day, we headed back to our hotel and stopped by Time Square again briefly since it was on the way. You’ll have to check out my youtube video to see all of the excitement for the day in action!

standing outside of St. Patrick's cathedral in New York
our view on the walk home

Check Back Wednesday for Day 3!

I hope you guys have enjoyed our adventure so far. Have you been to New York? Share some of your favorite places to visit below!




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