Life Update: I started Cosmetology School!

* This post was inspired by the quote: “Let your dreams outgrow the shoes of your expectations”-Ryunosuke Satoro

But Vera, Why?

I’m not sure why I didn’t see cosmetology school in my future sooner than what I did. I remember as a little girl, I used to try to make hand sanitizer out of soap and alcohol. LOL! Then I moved on to trying other crazy  concoctions  (I’m not sure how my poor mother dealt with me!) and things progressed from there. By the time I went au naturale in 2011, it was only right for me to start making my own hair products, right? I started out simply whipping butters and oils together to moisturize and define my locks. I remember I’d research everywhere and take notes in my book on different ingredients and how they would benefit my mane.

Soon after that, I started selling my hair butter to a couple of stylists and some of their customers. I fell in love! Crafting mixtures based on different needs, the science behind it, how ingredients work blended together, and most importantly, sharing solutions+products that would help others with hair issues and other goals quickly became a passion.

The other huge driving factor was when I began actually styling other’s hair and making wigs for them.  I knew…I KNEW, that if I wanted to take my dreams in the hair and cosmetic industry seriously, and want others to take me seriously, that cosmetology school would the next biggest step I’d need to take.

The Search for a Cosmetology School Began…

So the decision to go to cosmetology school was made, but now what? There were a few options in my town, but how do I know which one is right for me? How much will all of this cost and can I afford it? How long will this program take? And will it really be worth it in the long run? So many questions were filling my head and I began to freak out because my answers were not certain. Can anyone else relate?

Naturally, we have lots and LOTS of questions when we make such a huge decision. So, I searched high and low, all over  YouTube the world wide web, to see what other cosmetology students and professionals had to say  about their experiences and the schools they attend(ed). I’ve also shared my own list of questions and answers on my blog and YouTube, just in case you want to check them out.

Nonetheless, I highly suggest doing research on your own when it comes to making such a large decision. Visit and shadow as many schools as you can. Talk to current students and other stylist, and ask them what their experience is/was like. While you never know you’re making the right decision beforehand, be sure to come as prepared as possible. I called local schools, talked to people that went to two of them, prayed about it and made my final decision.

Me curling my wig

Ready, Set, GO!

The decision making process was actually fairly easy for me. The last stylist I trusted with my hair had gone to this school. It was less than 8 minutes away from my house and the atmosphere made me feel very much at home. I went in for a tour, filled out my paperwork and started two weeks later. On April 9th, 2018, I allowed my dreams to takeover and outgrow my expectations and I started my first day cosmetology school.  That was 5 months ago and every single day I’m reminded that I made the right decision.

I’m in school full time and there 35 hours a week. I took a social media and blog sabbatical (find out why I had to start a new blog here). I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people that reached out to me in regard to my absence and how much my captions+posts were missed. It really means a lot to me, that I positively impact other people’s lives through things I post online and I am definitely happy to be back! So between having my hands in hair, folding laundry and chasing after my kiddos, I will be sure to get back at my keyboard and creating content that will inspire, motivate and entertain visitors.



Stay Blessed!




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