Jumpsuits You Need in Your Closet this Spring

Who else is excited that Spring has SPRUNG?!? These past few days have been extremely chilly and wet because of the rain. Hello, April showers! But that didn’t stop me from hitting these STL streets sporting this cute AF jumpsuit from target. They have SO MANY cute jumpsuits (see below), but since that wasn’t actually what I was there for, I decided to be a good girl and only got one. That doesn’t mean I won’t be back again to snag a few more.

To be 100% honest with you guys, I did get these cute pair of sandals as well, but I didn’t really like how they went with my jumpsuit. I didn’t wear them this day but you can still check them out below, along with a few other zapatos (shoes in Spanish, lol) that I purchased a few target trips prior.

I was always more of a romper girl. Who knows. Maybe once summer arrives and the temperatures rise even more, I’ll break out the rompers again. For the moment, I’m living for the jumpsuits I’ve been spotting at Target, H&M, and Akira lately.

Why Choose a Jumpsuit?

I personally prefer jumpsuits because I tend to be a bit lazy most days. Hey, I’m just being honest. I do have 4 kiddos running around at home. So it’s safe to say I live in a mad house and am more concerned about keeping my tiny humans alive and well than I am with trying to piece together a cute outfit. Other than that, I’m just praying the parking lot at the coffee shop isn’t packed after leaving the bus stop.

But seriously, I enjoy the versatility and convenience of jumpsuits. You don’t have to worry about your shirt going with your pants. If you have a jumpsuit with sleeves, or weather permits, you don’t HAVE TO worry about matching it with a jacket or cardigan. Just grab yourself a pair of cute shoes and other accessories then…ready, set, GO!

I also thoroughly enjoy how you can dress them UP to completely elevate your look by switching up your shoes, maybe adding some wand curls to your hair, and a little more depth to your eye look. BOOM! You are now “Date Night” or ” Girls Night” ready.

I thoroughly enjoy the vertical stripes on this particular target jumpsuit, but I do want to share a few more of my favorite stylish jumpsuits that are out this spring. I know I will for certain be snagging a few more over the next few weeks! Shhh, this HAS to be our little secret. My husband CANNOT KNOW that I’m parlaying around in these Target streets as much as I really do. For all he knows, I just stopped to get more Zaditor and bandaids.

“April Showers Bring May Flowers”

Welp Guys, now that I’ve shared all the tea on some super cute jumpsuits for just about every occasion, I thought I’d share a short update on my life.

Things have be a little ROUGH over here, to say the least. I did finish cosmetology school! I applied for a job at a salon AND my photography+videography business has really been picking up. April has definitely been a month of “showers” for me. I think I only had one episode that involved tears lol, but I am definitely ready for May to bless me with some beautiful flowers. How was your week? I’d love to know!

Spring Jumpsuit Pin


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