How to Thrift Like a Pro: Thrifting for the First Time at Avlon

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1. Set a Budget

First things first, you need to establish how much you are working with in terms of funds. Based off of your budget, you will have a better idea of what brands you can seek out. Decide how many of each category you can purchase, and not completely drain your wallet.

2. Make a Need + Want List

After deciding to work on a capsule wardrobe approach, I’m learning that I need to be more intentional with my shopping habits. I need to cut out impulse shopping, the retail therapy, and buying items I simply don’t need.

In order for me to create a need and want list for items I want for Fall, I have to take inventory of my current closet. From there, I can decide what I absolutely NEED and what I would like to add to my closet.

Making a Need/Want list helps you cut back on the excessive shopping, and also saves you time.

3. Create a Mood Board

Anyone else love mood boards? I LOVE mood boards because they help me get ideas for outfits and accessories. That way ,when I am in the store, I have a better idea of what I’m looking for. I like to use Canva to create mood boards for EVERYTHING.

Sometimes you just need that visual inspiration when it comes to piecing together outfits. When you create a mood board of outfits or a certain style you want, it helps you narrow down what clothing you should be on the look out for while you’re in the thrift store.

4. Scout Out Different Locations

Scouting out locations is also a huge time saver! As a mother of 4, I don’t have a lot of time. Im constantly trying to finds ways to use my time efficiently. This keeps you in the know on which stores you should visit or not. Scouting out locations will also help you know when you should go to desired stores.

For example, there is a particular thrift store in my city that is closed on Sunday. I wouldn’t have know this if I would have stopped by on a Sunday, only to see that they were CLOSED! No thrifting for me, I guess. *insert sad face*

This is why it is important to know that hours of operation and location for the stores you are thinking about going. Plus, its nice to do a little research, read reviews, and get an idea of the different items they have for sale.

Once you’ve made it to the thrift store, you work really begins!

5. Check Every Rack

Ladies, I found SO MANY great items in the men’s section. I cannot express to you how important it is to check every single section and every single rack. I snagged this super cute Polaroid sweatshirt that I actually was looking for everywhere. I would have never lucked up if I didn’t venture off to the other section and looking on all of the racks.

6. Repurpose Items

Not only is it important to check every single rack but its also important to think outside of the box and consider repurposing items. I found a super cute t-shirt in the men’s section. I decided to repurpose it into a crop top instead of wearing it as an oversized boyfriend shirt.

7. Wash EVERYTHING You Get

This may seem like a no brainer, but I feel like some people still need to hear this. It is SUPER important to wash things before you wear this.

Actually, as I am sitting here typing this, my friend is telling me a story about how someone purchased a sweater from the thrift store, wore it without washing it, and actually broke out in a rash. Wanna know why? Because the sweater was worn by the deceased owner and then removed before being buried! There was chemicals from the embalming process still on the sweater. EEEKKKK. So please, please, please make sure you are washing your stuff. Better safe than sorry, right?

8. Try Things On

This may also seem like another no brainer, but it’s also super important to try your things on because you will not be able to return them once you leave the store. You want to make sure whatever your are thinking about purchasing at the store is something you LOVE and you know you can work with because there will be no turning back after that!


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