How to Brazilian Wax at Home: Gigi Wax Review

Gigi wax kit

Have you ever thought of waxing any parts of your body at home? For me, the answer to this question would be a big fat no! Heck, I hardly like shaving. Because of this, I started going to the wax bar a few year back. I had decided enough was enough and I wanted to be a “big girl” because that’s what big girls do. They get Brazilian waxes.

You either found your self on this blog post for one. or a few, reasons. One, you’re tired of paying the steep price to get your lady parts (or any other parts) waxed by someone. Two, you may simply enjoy the satisfaction of doing things yourself and in the comforts of your own home. Or three, you were just curious if its even remotely possible to wax at home.

Ladies and gentleman, I may have an answer for your Brazilian Wax at home Questions.

I recently received an at home Brazilian Wax kit from GIGI Spa to review. GIGI Spa is a company that sells at home waxing supplies for the DIY kind of girl. They’re profession enough that many Spas and cosmetic storefronts use them as well.

GIGI Spa offers waxes that can be warmed in the microwave or in a wax warmer. They also carry a variety of different waxes. They have soft, hard, creme and an all purpose “hybrid” wax. Each one serves is own purpose and everyone has their own preference for which one they will use.

Gigi all purpose wax

Hard or Soft? Which Wax is Better?

The answer to this question varies from person to person. It can also be based on what area of the body you are waxing. To get a better idea of which wax you should use, keep on reading.

Soft Wax

Soft wax har been around since the early 1900’s. Most people know about it, even if they aren’t fully knowledgeable in the waxing business. With soft way, you apply a thin layer to the skin, followed by a muslim strip. After waiting for a few seconds, you pull it away in a quick motion.

Unlike hard wax, soft wax adheres to the skin and removes hair. It even removes some, if not all, of the every top layer of the skin. Soft wax is extremely exfoliating. Because of this, it is not to be reapplied to the same area in order to prevent risk of infection or irritation.

Soft was is best used for less sensitive and larger surface areas. The legs, arms and back. It is also really good at grabbing on to really fine hairs. It is also easily accessible, making it cheaper for businesses to supply. This means, more money in your pocket!

Hard WAX

Hard wax is applied in a thick layer. The heat from the wax allows the hair follicle pores to open. This makes it a little easier and less painful for hair removal. Because the wax is so hard, no strip of fabric or paper is necessary to lift the wax from the skin. Hard wax is less exfoliating than soft wax. This means it can be applied to the same area more than once without breaking the skin or causing additional irritation.

Hard wax is best used for smaller areas and more sensitive areas of the skin. This is usually the go to for a Brazilian Wax, underarms and on the face. The easy of cleaning up the mess is a major plus to using hard wax. It’s also really good at grabbing those short and stubby hairs in comparison to the soft wax.

Wha’t in My Box?

So, I really had no idea what I was actually getting myself into when I started out my day with intentions of waxing from head to toe. I sat down, opened the box, and began to unpackaged everything and read directions. Here’s what was inside my box:

Gigi spa wax warmer

The Warmer

I received the single, multipurpose wax warmer. I really like this because it can fit many different types of wax as long as the container fits into the warmer. It is also easy to use. Simply plug it in, turn the dial to “H” and let the wax melt for the instructed time. Once it’s warm, choose your desired setting and pop the lid on to keep it warm.

pre and post Brazilian wax supplies

Supplies: Pre and Post

Pre Hon: This cleanser removes all makeup, deodorant, and body oils so the wax and properly adhere to the hair or skin.

Pre Epilation Powder: The powder is used to absorb any moisture or oils right before waxing to make the process more effective.

Wax Off: This lotion helps remove any wax residue from the hair removal process. It’s key ingredients include aloe vera and essential oils to help moisturize and calm the skin after removing hair.

Slow Grow with Aragan Oil : This oil helps slow down the hair growth cycle. It has Papain & Natural enzymes that will make the hair finer and easier to remove when waxing. The Argan Oil to deeply moisturize and protect the skin.

Waxing Supplies

Muslim Strips: In the kit, I received two different size muslim strips to use for removing the wax from my skin.

Wooden Sticks: There are three different size wooden sticks available in the kit to be used when applying the wax to different parts of the body.

How to: Brazilian Wax at Home for the First Time

Now Let’s Have Some Fun!

Let the games begin! Get your warmer ready to go. Depending on what kind of wax your are using, it will need anywhere from 25-40 minutes to liquify. I decided to let mine liquify completely before prepping areas for the hair removal process.

Next, I applied the Pre Hon with a cotton ball, then the Pre Epilation Powder with my Fingers. Then I was ready to wax!

When applying a soft wax, like the GIGI All Purpose Wax, make sure to only apply a THIN layer in the direction that the hair grows and at a 45 degree angle. Follow up with a muslim fabric or wax strip and press down firmly.

When you are ready to remove the wax, hold the skin taught and pull up and away, in the opposite direction of hair growth. Also make sure you are using a great bit of force and move quickly when removing the wax strip. If not, you will not only fail to remove the hair, but you will be stuck (literally) with wax all over the skin.

Remember, only apply the wax ONCE if you are using soft wax. At this point, if you are using hard wax and see some areas that didn’t take, it is ok do go at it once more.

Tip: Soft wax, this on in particular, can be a little messy. Save yourself the hassle and wear some gloves if you are applying this at home and on yourself. Otherwise, if you are applying on someone else or are a beauty professional, you should be wearing gloves as a standard procedure.

Tip: When using the wooden stick to get wax, I find that it is easier to continue to twice the stick around until the string of wax wraps around and breaks off. This way you won’t have so many of these strings going from the warmer to your area of waxing.

My Results: Thoughts on Brazilian Wax

I didn’t move quick enough when I initially waxed my underarm. I also didn’t use enough force. Because of this, I had wax in my armpits for more time than I’d like to admit. Lesson of the day- Don’t be like Vera. Do Not Get Stuck!

Other than that it was a very nice experience. If it’s your first time, be patient with yourself. Also, don’t be afraid if you need a little help. Lucky for me, my husband was there to assist. Now he thinks he is a wax professional. Lord help me!

I did have a small breakout under my arms from a deodorant I used. See why I made the switch to natural deodorant here. Other than that, my skin felt really smooth and most of the hair was gone!

I am still on the fence about using the soft wax for Brazilian Wax or Bikini Wax. GiGi does offer a hard wax option, which I think Im going to go with for that.

As mentioned above, the experience was quite messy. If you are struggling to get the wax off with the provided wax remover there are alternatives. Alcohol, hand sanitizer, oil and warm water will get the job done also.

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Gigi Epilating Trial Pack
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Gigi At Home Beginner Waxing Starter Kit
GiGi Spa Wax Warmer
Gigi Epilating Trial Pack
Gigi All Purpose Honee Wax
Gigi At Home Beginner Waxing Starter Kit
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Here are a few pics from my experience. Sorry in advance if its TMI!


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