Getting My Frist Chemical Peel

I have been wanting to get a more regular schedule when it comes to facials and visits with an esthetician for YEARS! Since I have been working on my self-care, as well as my journey to clear skin, I thought it would be cool to take you guys along with me to get my second chemical peel ever.

I have actually never had a professional chemical peel, I used to only use the glycolic acid peel available on amazon. I feel like it may have been doing something. But then again, it may have all just been in my head. I honestly don’t know.

I can say that I have noticed a HUGE difference in my clear skin journey since I’ve gotten on a better routine and am now seeing an esthetician more regularly.

I tried to ask her questions that I thought many others would want to know too. Hence why this video is a bit longer- the esthetician chat we had going on. AND as promised, I will be sure to link everything we talked about as well. Yes, they are affiliate links. NO, they do not cost you extra. Absolutely, I truly appreciate your support by using them! Every bit counts.


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