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Burgandy Fall Inspired Makeup Look 2018

Fall into the Look!

burgandy fall makeup

Its time to turn new leaf guys!  I am here for all of the fall makeup looks floating around social media *Inserts heart emoji*  I have hooded eyes, so I will most likely wear more cut crease looks to give the appearance of larger lids. But instead of using more bright summer colors, I will be swapping those out for ones that give be all the fall vibes. Bring on the burgndy, burnt orange and dark greens! I’m seriously getting excited as I’m typing this out LOL.


I’n this fall makeup look, I used a dark shade of burgandy  from my Juvia’s Place “Magic Mini” palette to create the illusion of a crease that is higher that my natural one. Using a darker color creats depth and dimension to your look.


I then went in and added “creamsicle” from my Morphe x Jacyln Hill palette to blend out my crease color into my brow bone and to eliminate any harsh lines. The goal is to get everything to flow. Don’t feel bad or feel like you’re doing something wrong if you seem to be blending until you want to just throw your brush at the wall. That means you’re doing it right. Take your time. Yo got this!



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On my lid I just the three different golden tone, shimmer shades from the same Juvia’s Place palette to make my eyes POP. I love gold but I do feel that the shades I chose are PERFECT for fall!

burgandy fall makeup look

Set it and Forget it!

Since it’s Fall, the weather is cooling down and you know what that means…FALL MAKEUP #FULLFACE GLAM is in full effect! You won’t have to worry about sweating off your makeup or having it slip and slide all over your face. Well, if you’re using the right setting powders and application techniques, you shouldn’t have much issues in the warmer weather but…lets be real here. If you wear makeup enough, you know it’s not always comfortable to wear a full face in 100˚ weather…especially if the sun is beeming down on you.

I also chose to go with a darker color for my blush and my lips. I usually use my Elf blush palette or my black radiance blush but this time, I used the darker shade of my Anastasia Beverly Hills blush trio.


People gave me tons complments on this look! That was little ironic to me, seeing that I was a bit nervous about how it was going to turn out. Im glad I was able to record it on my Youtube Channel! I did throw the video up above in the post. I hope it helps give you a step by step on how to get the same or a similar look.




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