An Open Letter to my Husband on His Birthday

Ahhh! I’m so exited to celebrate your birthday with you. I’m probably more excited than you are, seeing that I stayed up until midnight just to harass the hell out of you.

I thank God every single day for allowing us to have another day together. I am beyond thankful for you to have made it to see another year. You’re getting old, buddy.

I have watched you grow into the finest young man a lady could ever ask for.

Tomorrow is all about you babe! You’re so kind and considerate. You rarely ask for anything and are always putting the kids and me first.

We cannot wait to have you blow out candles on your favorite cake, surprise you with gifts that I think you may already have a clue about what they are, and have a wonderful weekend getaway with just you and I.

We look forward to continue watching you grow into your God given purpose. And remember, we will be with you every step of the way.

Stay kind. Stay beautiful. And remember to keep that big ole kool aid smile in your face!

I love you always and forever,



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