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5 Ways to Kick Seasonal Depression in the Butt!

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Seasonal Depression? Whats that?

I felt inclined to write this post due to the overwhelming number of people I’ve chatted with that are experiencing feelings of sadness, defeat and bad thoughts. Since the passing of my mom, I’ve noticed I get sadder easily and more often than usual. I though it was just a part of the grieving process…but then I had kids. At that point, I starting thinking it was either post partum or just the stress of being a mom of many. I later learned about seasonal depression. Some call it “winter woes,” “cabin fever,” or  “Season Affective Disorder (SAD)” in some extreme cases. While there are varying factors that cause feeling SAD, I want to keep this post short and share a few tips I’ve found helpful when dealing with feeling down in hopes to help someone this upcoming season.

1.Surround Yourself with Positive People

You are not alone. There are a lot of people that suffer from  seasonal sadness. It’s important to not get caught up with the wrong crowd of people that think negatively or will only worsen your mood. Find solace in people that can help take your mind off of sadness, that help you reflect and see the current reasons you have to be happy, and help you look forward to what’s in your future. If you want to kick seasonal depression in the butt, you gotta be sure to bring a few of your soldiers to the battle! I tend to get a little sad during the holidays, so Im grateful to have my aunt and friends to spend a little extra time with when I’m free. Having someone to spend time with or to console with over the phone is good to talk you through things.

Try to stay POSITIVE!

2. Stop Naughty Thoughts in Their Tracks  

I learned this tip from listening to a pep talk on YouTube (I’ll be sure to link it once I find it). It’s so important to work on controlling our unhappy thought before they start to control us. So, every time I think of something that starts to make me feel even slightly sad, I SAY something positive OUT LOUD 5 times. For every negative thing I let slip out of my mouth, I say something to counteract it 7-10 times. I know, it seems a bit extra and maybe even a little cray, but it actually works. They say it takes 21 days to break a bad habit, right? Well, it take a hell of a lot of saying positive things to train your thoughts and your words to pull you out of that depressed slump!

3. Get up and get moving!

Should I have made this tip number one? I dunno but I did put an exclamation point after it so that must tell you something lol. I cannot tell you all of the countless times I’ve forced my behind out of the bed to go do this or that when I fell like pure crap. In the end though, I thanked myself for doing so. From hitting the gym, the isles of my local grocery store, or even just the kitchen to wash a few dishes while listening to Beyoncé (ok, listening to her makes everything better) there have been studies to show that making plans and staying busy help give us a sense of doing things it helps takes our minds off of what making us sad. And we all know exercise is a good way to boost out self esteem, mood and energy.

Play it on Repeat

4. Listen to or read something POSITIVE

This tip goes back to training your mind to think better thoughts by saying them. But what about listening? A lot of our thoughts come from what we listen to, wether it be in conversation or by just listening to music on the radio or our phones. I have started listening to either motivational speeches on youtube and books on audible and it has been a GAME CHANGER! It’s funny because I now find myself saying some of the positive things I’ve picked up in books when I feel like I’m starting to get a little down

Check Yourself, Don’t Reck Yourself

5. Evaluate Yo’ Self

It is OK to not be OK. What I mean by this is it feeling down is not something to be ashamed about. As I’ve stated before, millions of people are in similar situations, including seasonal depression. Give yourself a break. BUT also give yourself a good evaluation. What are you eating? Did you know your diet plays a part in your mood. Don’t believe me? Google it! Go seek professional help. There could be something deeper going on with your body physically (or even mentally) that is causing you to fee the way you do.

For me, I was severely fatigue and the constant feeling of tiredness made me depressed alone. I learned that I was low on iron (again) and also suffered for a lack of vitamin b and some other minerals. My doctor gave me a vitamin b shot. I then started taking vitamins and I cannot but into words how much better I started feeling. It was like your girl was born again…Like Jesus, himself, game down from Heaven and blessed me with more energy.

I Hope this Helps

After reading this I hope you were able to get a few take aways to help your seasonal depression or whenever you feel down. Don’t be too hard on yourself and give yourself a pat on the back even for the simple things. No one said life was going to be a walk in the park. It’s important for us to celebrate ourselves and every single accomplishment EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! I am not a licensed professional.  Please text CONNECT to 741741 or call 1-800-442-4673 if you need someone to talk to.


Love Always,



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